Tree Cutting Gatineau

While we love trees and wish to see them healthy and upright, sometimes we don’t have a choice but to cut them down. Whether a tree is damaged beyond repair, posing a threat to your property, or interfering with surrounding properties or buildings, they are doing more harm than good staying in the ground. If you have a tree that requires removal, contact our team at Steve’s Tree Services and we will be glad to assist you!

Not All Trees Need to be Removed

Luckily, not all trees need to be completely removed! If you have a tree that is causing concern for any reason, give us a call and we will come assess your tree and identify if any of it can be saved. Sometimes all it takes is a good pruning to bring it back to health. For this reason, it is important that you don’t try to tackle this on your own. If you’re unsure if your tree needs to be removed or not, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts.

When Should I Have My Tree Removed?

Sometimes a tree just can’t be saved. There are many reasons that a tree may need to be removed including:

Leave it to the Professionals

Taking down a tree is no easy task. It requires adequate planning, proper equipment, permits, and more. It’s extremely dangerous to try and tackle a tree removal on your own and a risk that no homeowner should have to take. Our team at Steve’s Tree Services has over 30 years of experience removing trees and have the tools and techniques to perform the job with ease. Once the tree has been taken down, we can offer to remove the stump by grinding or digging it out completely with an excavator. Ensuring that the property is fully cleaned after completing the job is also an important priority.

All of our employees have undergone training and are insured by the CNESST. We do our due diligence and know the necessary steps to take to ensure the safety of everyone involved is kept. We also don’t leave a job until you are completely satisfied, as our customers’ needs are our number one concern. Once the tree is taken care of, we will leave your property looking untouched, ensuring that no branches or debris are leftover.

We are proud to be your one-stop-shop for all of your tree related needs. Whether tree or stump removal, hedge trimming, shrub and tree pruning, tree trimming, firewood processing, or otherwise, we have you covered! Contact Steve’s Tree Services today for a free quote.

Our Testimonials

Suzanne Paradis
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Finally got our Ash tree cut down and removed. It was dead as it had been infested with the Emerald Ash Borer. Unfortunately, there was no saving it. At the same time we had our Balsam Fir trimmed. There were a lot of dead branches do it was in dire need of a good trim. We used Steve's Tree Service. They are fantastic. They had a crew of 4 and it took them less then four hours to chop one tree, trim the other and remove all the debris from our yard. It truly looks like they were never there. It couldn't have been an easy task. We live in a row house with three houses on either side of us and the only access to our fenced in yard is by going all the way around the back. They were very limited in space yet, nothing was damaged, not the fence, not the house, nothing. They are fully insured and very professional. I would definitely use them again, in fact we will probably call them next summer to trim back our Manitoba Maple. I would certainly recommend them. I give them a thumbs up for sure.
Gino Bilodeau
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Excellent Service! Very satisfied customer in Gatineau (Aylmer Sector). Keep up the good work! Thank you
Ariene Paquette
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Very courteous and professional. They didn't mind when I asked if I could watch them work. They took great care as they cut limbs and branches -- nothing was let fall on its own but they held onto each piece as they cut and then dropped it. The tree in the backyard is close to a fence and neighbour's flower beds but cutting and trimming was again done with great care so nothing fell on the fence nor in the flower beds. They cleaned all branches and even though my front yard is only dirt they blew the wood chips from it! No debris left, everything was cleaned before they left. Price to trim 2 trees was very reasonable. I would definitely use their services again if ever required and recommend Steve's Tree Service to anyone who needs an arborist.
Janie Tremblay
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Super service! Very courteous. Take the time to evaluate and explain the work to be done. Careful and safe work. Clean everything before leaving! Super service! Très courtois. Prend le temps d'évaluer et d'expliquer les travaux à faire. Travail minutieux et sécuritaire. Nettoit TOUT avant de repartir!
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Terrific service in an emergency situation following a storm. Called at 6:30 am and John actually answered. He arrived within an hour for an estimate and Steve not long after. Reasonable pricing and super efficient service. A life saver today! Thanks guys!
Tia Lecky
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Extremely satisfied with Steve's Tree Service. John gave us a reasonable quote and Steve and his crew came the next day to remove our very large tree. We left for the day and when we came back we couldn't even tell anyone had been on the property (except for the fact that our tree was gone) I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a professional job at a very good rate. Thank you to the whole team!
Elaine Côté
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Amazingly efficient, fast, super thorough clean up. Great price and as friendly as could be! Highly recommended!!!
Isabelle Leclerc
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Such a great job! Steeve, John and crew did wonderful work. So pleased with the results. Would highly recommend them.
Eric Despres
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Steve's tree service is amazing. They were friendly and very professional. They came super well equipped and cut down one large tree, and trimmed two other very large trees. They ground up all the tree parts and took everything away. Their clean up was impeccable, raking the then blowing the lawn. We could hardly tell they had been here, other than the results on the trees. If that wasn't enough, their price was less than the other estimate I had gotten. They are highly recommended.
NBH Halo
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I had a very pleasant experience with Steve’s Tree Service. Great to deal with, quick to respond to inquiries, efficient use of time and most of all clean work. I highly recommend and will use them again.
Helene Trottier
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Excellent customer service. Readjusted his schedule to meet mine. Very professional, pleasant staff, exceeded my expectation re cost and service. Took care of cleaning up after cutting down my trees. Would definitely recommend him.
Shawarma Aylmer
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Very good service every time, Thank you!

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